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Special Machines

Manhole machine Pedershaab – used

condition: good condition


manhole machine Pedershaab

1 mould Ø 1000 mm height: 2000 mm

25 pcs. supporting rings

Production line for plates

condition: good condition


Blasting machine manufacturer Goldmann construction year 1990

Handblaster manufacturer Eder Twister 130, construction year 1998

Different Pillar jib crane

Compulsory mixer manufacturer Teka THZ 375, construction year 19752

Cement auger, cement scale

Vibration table

Step manufacturer manufacturer Dora Perfekt 2500 construction year 1971

mill/cutter manufacturer Fickert SQ SH construction year 1968

Silo with hoister manufacturer. Welb construction year 1964

Board manufacturer Sparts 950FL2 construction year 2005

Slap press manufacturer Masa-Henke Uni 2000 construction year 2003

Incl. Sand slider

pre- and main press station

vibration station


Pre-dosing feeder

Mixing plant Fab. Welb, Baumgartner construction year 1964

incl cement auger

cement scale

cementsilo for white and grey

mixer conveyor face concrete

mixer behind concret construction year 2009

Incl. hoist, 2 pcs. scales

Mixing plant face concete construction year 1997

Incl. hoist, 2 pcs. scales

Brushing machine construction year 2005

Grinding street for plates construction year1996

calibriermachine manufacturer Cassani

grindingmachine manufacturer Cassani

2 pcs. chamferting machine   manufacturer Schindler

Machine for fencing stones manufacturer Schindler conctruction year 2000

Incl. Manipulator, calibiermachine, chamferting machine

Stacker and de-stacker

plate lift construction year 1990

chain conveyor

packing machine construction year 1987

Manhole machine Baumgartner – used

condition: good condition


Manhole machine Baumgartner Typ V1000 constr. year 1983

with skip

Manhole                                  1000 mm

small pipes                              1000 – 800 – 600 – 500 – 400mm

Heavy load-bearing pipe        1000 – 800 – 600 – 500 – 400 mm

a machine view is every time possible